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  • Cause & Effect

    Cause & Effect

    Cause – Ligaments are placed under mechanical stress or excessive force. Effect – Pain is generated by the nerve endings located in the ligaments.

  • Pain in Motion = Test in Motion

    Pain in Motion = Test in Motion

    Traditionally, diagnosis of whiplash injuries rely upon non-moving diagnostic procedures, such as static x-rays, stress view x-rays, CT, and MRI. During these tests, patients are asked to stand or lie still: “Don’t move ” and/or “Hold your breath.” Patients hurt more when they move, and pain is commonly an indicator of injury.

  • Digital Motion X-Ray

    Digital Motion X-Ray

    (DMX) is a new type of fluoro-based x-ray system, coupled with new digital and optic technology, allowing clinicians to view the spine in real-time motion at 30 x-rays per second. That’s about 2,700 x-rays in a single case study!

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The Amanda Bennett Story

In January of 2006, Amanda was involved in a rear end collision that severely injured her neck. After five MRIs, two CT Scans and dozens of static X-Rays, all the medical specialists who examined her agreed that she was not injured and that everything was in her head, or even worse, she was faking it. This is the amazing story of her journey to find the truth that saved her life. All with the help of the Digital Motion X-ray.

Moving X-rays Reveal Injuries

A broken neck. A displaced shoulder. The painful injuries were missed on conventional X-rays but were caught on tape by DMX.

Scott Hannen D.C. Talks about how incredible the DMX is.

Scott Hannen D.C. Author of the Book "Healing by Design" and Pastor for the "Trinity Broadcasting Network" talks about how incredible the Digital Motion X-ray system is.

Matt Mudano, J.D. Civil Law Lawyer, Explains how valuable the Digital Motion X-ray is.

Matt Mudano, J.D , Amanda Bennets attorney, explains how the Digital Motion X-ray (DMX) objectively and accurately proves injuries commonly overlooked by all other X-ray technoligies.